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Digitize And Automate The Process.

Bridge has made it easy to manage your data licensing agreements by digitizing and automating the process. Bridge provides a better way to keep track of 3rd party agreements, and helps you keep up with vendor and licensing agreement changes.

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    Bridge’s online agreements lists your agreement templates with quick edit and quick view ability.

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    Bridge’s online agreements also shows the pending status of your online agreements, with next steps.

Digital Sign-Up Form.

Any group requesting access to MLS data is directed to a branded registration site where they will complete a digital sign-up form and agree to the appropriate license agreement. Upon completion, applicants will agree to license fees (if appropriate), provide payment information, and submit the application for review. Once access is approved, the digitally signed documents are stored online, data feeds are provided, and billing is handled automatically.

Bridge’s Agreement Management Solution:
  • Reduces admin time dealing with agreement management.
  • Automates billing for data access.
  • Provides for Version Control: (recipients must agree to new Terms and Conditions as they are updated).
  • Generates Non-Dues Revenue.
  • Streamlines management of RETS data licensing process.

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