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Flat Rate Billing

Bridge has made it easy to manage your vendor billing. Our automated billing solution is very flexible, and we offer several plans. The most simple billing plan is our Flat Rate Plan. You simply set a flat rate to your vendor for data access.

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    Bridge’s automated billing provides many options to setup flexible billing plans that work best for your MLS or brokerage.

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    Bridge’s automated billing shows you invoice history by customer number, with overview of all invoice total, and number of outstanding invoices.

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    Bridge’s automated billing provides a reporting tool where you can search all invoices by invoice start and end dates.

Bucket Rate Billing.

Another popular billing plan is our Bucket Rate Plan. With this automated billing solution, you can set the buckets to the amounts that work best for your vendors. For example, you can set a rate for 1-20 agents, another rate for 20-40 agents, etc.

Self-Policing Solution

Bridge’s automated billing solution is also self-policing. Because agents will select the vendors they want to purchase services from, you will have the email address and total count of all agents accessing your MLS data through different vendors.

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