Input and access your data with ease

Why do you have to enter the same information into 20 different systems?

It’s a frustration that takes a toll on revenue, recruiting and retention.

Bridge solves the two biggest issues you have managing listings — getting the right data in all the places you need it to go, and accessing it once it’s there. We make it easy.

Bridge’s Listing Input technology provides a single point of entry for data (including images and video). Your agents enter information once and it’s populated everywhere you need it to go.

Everything we do for brokers is designed to minimize cost center drudgery while maximizing revenue-creating activities.

Listing input

Less time spent on data entry means more time prospecting or marketing.

Bridge API

View all your listings, even across different MLSs, in one format that’s easy to manage.


Efficient data entry

A single point of entry to your MLS and back-office systems.

Simple media management

Upload unlimited high-resolution photos and images, and easily get them where you need them.

Capture custom fields

We’ll capture custom fields that you require but your MLS doesn’t permit.

What’s your biggest tech headache?

Chances are we can help.

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