A safe, transparent platform for fast access to real estate data

Real estate is local and so is the data that powers it. The Bridge API lets brokerages build the software they need by enabling data access from multiple markets with a single API.


Consistency at scale

The Bridge API works with industry partners to provide a consistent method to get the data needed to build great real estate products.

All listing data is normalized between markets to industry standards and hosted in the cloud. Data updates in near real time, meaning you always have the freshest content at your disposal.

As your brokerage grows, your software can scale into new markets without the additional overhead that occurs when managing multi-MLS data feeds. We do the heavy lifting, and you focus on building the products your brokerage needs to be competitive.


What does that mean?
  • Easily integrate with multiple MLSs.
  • Quickly scale your technology into new markets.
  • Stay secure with integrated agent authentication.
  • No need to maintain a listings database.
  • No need for your technology vendors to learn industry-specific programming methods.

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