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Management On A Whole New Level.

Cheque has taken RETS management to a whole new level. Cheque is an add-on Contact application built to administer billing and account management services for MLS RETS Data Recipients. Cheque enables MLS operators to more easily track to whom they have given RETS access, the customers of RETS Data Recipients and generate and collect data usage billing. Cheque also provides a new revenue stream for the MLS.

Non-Dues Revenue Stream

As the MLS industry evolves to meet the needs of the real estate consumers, ever increasing demands for data will put the MLS in a position to open up new revenue streams for non-dues revenue and services. With increased competition from inside and outside the real estate industry, MLSs are more and more seeing the need to change the definition of data responsibilities, and add new pricing models.

Cheque For An MLS Operator

Contact allows the MLS Administrator to define which types of records a RETS User may access. Using familiar fields and values in the MLS system itself, the Administrator can construct very simple or very complex restrictions.

  • Upload your MLS RETS Usage Terms and Conditions, Data Licensing Agreements and any other documentation required for RETS access.
  • Track name and contact information for RETS Data Recipients.
  • Define frequency, amount and structure of RETS billing per Data Recipient.
  • Electronically invoice Data Recipients.
  • Secure online credit card payment processing.

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