Bridge’s COMPOSE.
A Simple And Powerful Tool For Listings Add/Edit.

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Automatically Update Metadata.

Compose is a rich web application for adding and editing listings via RETS 1.x. Compose is almost completely driven by RETS metadata including field layout and validation. This means that as your metadata changes, such as new fields and business rules, the application reflects those changes automatically.

Non-Dues Revenue Stream

As the MLS industry evolves to meet the needs of the real estate consumers, ever increasing demands for data will put the MLS in a position to open up new revenue streams for non-dues revenue and services. With increased competition from inside and outside the real estate industry, MLSs are more and more seeing the need to change the definition of data responsibilities, and add new pricing models.

Compose Key Features
  • Full control over layout and field display through RETS metadata.
  • Incomplete listing storage is applied automatically every 5 minutes to minimize data loss.
  • Full control over help and error text configured via metadata..
  • Address normalization and validation.
  • Optional integrated Google mapping during listing edit.
  • Only fields in error are displayed while attempting to submit a listing and it fails.
  • Records are locked during editing to prevent simultaneous overwriting.
  • Auto-pop integration with external data sources [Tax Records, etc].
  • Field edit rights controlled by user type [MLS Staff, Broker, Office Manager, Agent, etc].

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