Bridge’s CONTACT.
Control Access To Your Content With Powerful RETS Server Tools.

Contact is an MLS level RETS filtering, monitoring and management tool that provides superior fine-grained control and usage transparency than your current RETS system.

Monitor Usage.

See who is doing what, when and how with your listing content. Contact has the most comprehensive reporting in the industry, and enables MLS staff to review real-time queries, the number of listings, amounts of data requested and much more. Contact's database stores each and every RETS action then presents that data in several easy-to-read analytical reports.

Top Level Reporting.

Executive-level summary reports are presented in clear, graphical detail allowing the MLS Administrator or Executive to quickly review and monitor activity on the server. In addition to graphical analytics, Contact makes troubleshooting RETS simple. Failed queries are displayed in red which makes them fast and easy to identify and quicker to manage.

Control Access.

Contact allows the MLS Administrator to define which types of records a RETS User may access. Using familiar fields and values in the MLS system itself, the Administrator can construct very simple or very complex restrictions.

  • View usage charts based on many built in categories [Date, Broker, Type, Location, Software].
  • Ability to drill all the way into each transaction within each Session.
  • Summarize activity for a single user for any given time frame.
  • Apply limits to a single user or a whole group of users [Broker, User Type, Software Type].
  • Filter hidden fields from results, restrict the records returned by using criteria.
  • Set up standard profiles for easy reuse [e.g. IDX Profile].
  • Limit the number of records returned per user or globally.
  • Throttle the frequency a user hits the server [e.g. 5 times / minute].
  • React to misuse in real-time, filters apply on the very next transaction.

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