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Accurate Data. Authorized Use.

Bridge makes RETS listing syndication simple, and puts data control back into the hands of those who create and protect it. Learn more about protecting your valuable listing database.

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    Bridge’s syndication reporting dashboard provides multiple comprehensive report panels.

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    Each report panel can be edited to fine tune the reporting data you want.

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    Bridge’s syndication reporting provides a report overview for each listing, that can be shared with the customer.

Giving Control To The MLS And Brokers

Bridge puts syndication control into the hands of the MLS and Brokers because they are in the best position to provide timely, accurate listing information and to secure, protect, and distribute the RETS content they create and manage.

Listen To What Our Clients Say

*This is an excerpt from an article in the Wall Street Journal.
“Over the past few years the proliferation of inaccurate and stale data through third-party sites has been a major concern for our members and their clients,” said Kipp Cooper, CEO of the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS(R) and its subsidiary the North Alabama Multiple Listing Service (NALMLS). “This is why we took the very bold step of discontinuing our previous data feed on September 15th, 2013 and chose to enter into MLS Direct Syndication(TM) agreements with major third-party sites through the help of our MLS Direct Syndication(TM) partner Bridge Interactive Group.”

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Take Control Of Your Content

It is time for MLS and Brokers to take full control of their valuable content. Direct Syndication puts power in your hands in several important ways:

  • Direct RETS feeds to each recipient ensure that you know who has legitimate access to your RETS listing feed, and therefore who should not.
  • Listing feed recipients must abide by MLS terms and conditions for use. MLS and Brokers can immediately suspend RETS feeds to any group found to be out of compliance.
  • MLS and Brokers’ members decide where leads and links are directed.
  • Direct Syndication allows data managers and creators to charge for data access if desired. Our Direct Syndication solution provides an automated process for billing.
  • MLS and Broker members can determine precisely where their listings will appear, and changes can be made easily at any time.

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