The Power of Update.
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Your data, your rules.
We empower you to directly control and manage access to your data so you can minimize risk and maximize opportunity.
We have the most bulletproof RETS server in the business, an add/edit module that will get you excited about Update, and a vendor management/payment system you wish you had years ago.
What Bridge can do for you.

The RETS add/edit interface enables single point of entry for listings data, eliminating dual efforts.

It’s your data. You grant access to it on your terms - down to which fields users can access and how often.

Always know the who, what, where, why and how of your data.

If your data is your largest digital asset, shouldn’t people be coming to you to get it? We put this in your control.

Simple vendor/broker/agent management and billing for data access.

Set simple and flexible automated billing plans with flat rate or customizable bucket rate plans.
Keep your friends close. Keep your data closer.
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