Java RETS Library

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Java API

Our RETS Library is a Java API that allows simple access to RETS servers. The API is designed to allow developers to connect to RETS servers and execute searches, photo downloads, metadata requests and updates without having to deal with the nuts and bolts of the RETS protocol.

A Simple Interface

The API has a simple interface that allows the developer to process search results while they are being streamed as well providing handlers to either collect all the results or write the results out in a delimited format.

Easy To Use For Developers

Bridge’s core goal is providing real estate data management and enhancement tools, customized RETS solutions, data sharing initiatives, and analytical software. Bridge staff have facilitated and presented in RETS sessions, forums and panel discussions for more than 6 years at national real estate conferences. We are experts in RETS both from the technical and business perspective. We assist our MLS customers in designing RETS management plans and using the Bridge Suite of Products to facilitate the implementation.

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