Listing Update
Listing Update.
A Simple And Powerful Tool For Listings Add/Edit.

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Metadata Driven Add/Edit Tools.

Compose is a rich web application for adding and editing listings via RETS 1.x. Compose is almost completely driven by RETS metadata including field layout and validation.

Automatic Metadata Updates.

This means that as your RETS metadata changes, such as new fields and business rules, the application reflects those changes automatically. This includes full keyboard access, context sensitive field layout and grouping and descriptive error reporting.

  • Can read, edit, and save data to and from multiple backend systems.
  • Able to talk to third party systems throughout the listing workflow. Including not only tax auto-pop, but also compliance checkers and external permission systems.
  • Business rules can be controlled in one location for MLS staff to administer.
  • Team Functionality: the most flexible team system on the market today. Brokers and agents can build up their own teams, which may include external parties to only upload pictures, for example.
  • Drag and drop field editor to change layout.
  • Field edit rights controlled by user type and/or teams.
  • Ability to allow brokers to create their own private fields.
  • Integrated with Contact RETS server to benefit from all of the reporting and security you use for data distribution/syndication.

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