A simple, powerful interface for listing input

Bridge provides a rich web application for adding and editing listings.

You need to respond to member demands for a simpler data entry process. Bridge solves the problem but keeps you compliant and at the heart of the process.


Never miss a beat

We work one-to-one with each MLS to identify business rules for every field in their database listings.

Bridge continues to be a leader in helping MLSs implement RETS Update, the only RESO-compliant way to submit listings. Because we support and specialize in RESO compliance, we’ll be able to offer next-generation Update methods as they become part of the standard.

We deal with all your business rules so you’ll never have to worry about the quality of data coming into your system.

You’ll never miss a beat.


Key features include:
  • Field-edit rights controlled by user type (e.g. MLS staff, broker, office manager, agent).
  • Full control over layout and field display.
  • Address normalization and validation with optional Google mapping.
  • Auto-pop integration with external data sources, such as tax records.
  • Many more features designed to enhance user productivity, accuracy and control.

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