Easy, modern data distribution

The Bridge API works with existing infrastructure to provide a secure, flexible way of managing and tracking data distribution, at no cost.

The API sits alongside your existing systems and processes, and allows you to distribute data in a way that enables brokers and tech vendors to easily build the products your members need.


Transparent data distribution

This data is normalized and hosted in the cloud so that it is available to products in real time. Because the Bridge API is designed around the idea of requesting only the data that’s needed, you avoid the risks associated with unmonitored duplication of your entire database. Bonus: Your overhead is reduced because we handle the outgoing data and support.

MLSs can manage data access, and brokers can easily get data from multiple MLSs in a single format, making it easy to integrate with their systems — this means better software for your members and more transparent distribution of your data. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced database duplication or technical support.
  • Insight into where and how your data is being used in real time.
  • Early exposure to the latest real estate technology.
  • No more complaints about the difficulties of working with listing data.
  • Management of data license approvals.
  • A modern dashboard to monitor usage.
  • Single sign-on access to data for trusted agents.

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