Cut the paper trail with modern agreement management

Cheque is an easy-to-use, completely customizable app that helps MLS providers administer data-license agreements and billing services.


Cheque is the best agreement management and billing tool available to MLS. Cheque turns what is typically a multi-step, paper-heavy slog into an efficient online process.


What can you do with Cheque?

Cheque is a powerful agreement management tool built to allow any number of parties to execute any data-license agreement you have or need: Internet data exchange (IDX), virtual office website (VOW), Broker Back Office, Third Party, etc.

Every party to an agreement can log in to Cheque and handle any part of the data-license process 24 hours a day. Cheque uses your own data-license agreements to help you:

  • Create custom billing plans.
  • Electronically invoice data recipients.
  • Secure online credit card payment processing.
  • Easily notify parties when agreements are updated.


Digitize and automate the process

Groups that request access to MLS data are directed to a branded registration site where they will complete a digital sign-up form and agree to the appropriate license agreement.

Upon completion, applicants will agree to license fees (if appropriate), provide payment information and submit the application for review.

Digitally signed documents are stored online, data feeds are provided and billing is handled automatically.

Bridge’s online agreements list your agreement templates with quick-edit and quick-view capabilities. Bridge also shows the status of your online agreements.

Move faster, innovate more.

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