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Powerful Reporting Down To The Parcel Level.

RealValuator is your key to understanding your local real estate market and prospecting for new business opportunities.

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View All Parcel Level Transactions.

RealValuator is unique in that it tracks all real estate transactions at the parcel level, allowing users to see not only the latest transactional event, but the sales history of a pre-foreclosures using the legal organs and foreclosures, REO transactions and Market Sale transactions using court house deed records and county tax records.

Preferred Vendor

RealValuator is a preferred vendor with both FMLS and GAMLS and recently signed a licensing agreement with FMLS to resell current and historic listing data.

Mapping System Search Tool

that allows users to search by address or intersection within a specified radius of a specific property or within a user drawn search by radius, MLS area, County, School District or Zip Code.

  • Direct feeds to each recipient ensure that you know who has legitimate access to your listing feed, and therefore who should not.
  • Listing feed recipients must abide by MLS terms and conditions for use. MLS can immediately suspend feeds to any group found to be out of compliance.
  • MLS and MLS members decide where leads and links are directed.
  • Self-syndication allows data managers and creators to charge for data access if desired. Our self-syndication solution provides an automated process for billing.
  • MLS members can determine precisely where their listings will appear, and changes can be made easily at any time.

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