Hello 15,000th listing

This year has been full of product milestones at Bridge.


Listing Input – our cloud-based listing creation tool that saves time and enables every agent to produce amazing looking listings –  has logged over 15,000 listings created.

That means 15,000+ listings are fully equipped with unlimited high-res photos and didn’t have to be input multiple times into multiple platforms.

Real estate partners in several markets across the country are now using Listing Input to create richer listings and save hours of input time.


Bridge API – our developer documentation solution – has signed with more MLS partners, including San Diego MLS, Bay East and Contra Costa MLSs in California, and also now has functionality on par with RETS in an easy-to-use and modern interface.

An API that’s as functionally capable as RETS makes it simpler for real estate brokers and MLSs to work with developers to build better technology, without sacrificing industry-specific features.

Bridge API was the first Platinum RESO certified API and our dev team continues to make updates to it that improve the flow of data for the real estate industry.


We just celebrated two years since being acquired by Zillow Group and are energized by the opportunities that are ahead.

In two years, we’ve expanded our team sevenfold and our reach to more than 535,000 agents in the U.S. and Canada.

With more partnerships and growth on the horizon, we’ll have more news to share along the way.

Move faster, innovate more.

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