Intermountain MLS Installs BridgeAPI for Faster Property Searches on Consumer Website

Intermountain MLS serves about 7,000 members in Idaho. When the time came to re-architect their consumer-facing property search website, they called on Bridge to install the RESO Platinum Certified BridgeAPI for a number of reasons: speed, flexibility and a partner they trusted.

Intermountain MLS has been a Bridge customer for the last four years, using Bridge’s RETS feed to manage their data. Glenn Christoph, CEO of Intermountain MLS, said the MLS knew they wanted to use a Web API to serve data to their consumer-facing website and Bridge was the obvious choice for them. 

“There is no solution that is better than BridgeAPI for this,” he said.

According to Christoph, speed was a huge factor for them when choosing an API. 

“We saw how quickly data is rendered using BridgeAPI. Immediately, our application goes out and refreshes data, and in the blink of an eye, the data is refreshed. For consumers on the website that’s a plus because everyone wants to see the data and they want it yesterday,” he said.

Intermountain MLS’s firsthand experience with BridgeAPI makes it easy for them to see the benefits of the solution to all data recipients as the industry shifts from RETS to API.

Flexibility was another big factor for Intermountain MLS. 

“The flexibility of not having to create your own database was huge for us,” Christoph said. 

It’s not the cost of storing data that was an issue, but the fact that storing creates another point of failure in any update, he explained. BridgeAPI eliminates that.

Bridge is able to offer a robust solution for MLSs through the technology investment made by Bridge’s parent company, Zillow Group. Intermountain MLS gives their brokers full control over whether they opt in to using the solutions as a way of addressing any ownership concerns. 

Plus, the contracts are clear, and will be upheld, Christoph said. The longstanding relationship has given them confidence in Bridge as a partner.

“Bridge’s support has been phenomenal and very helpful,” Christoph said. “They resolve questions quickly so everything stays on track.”


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