North Carolina Triangle MLS Subscribers Now Have Access to Bridge Interactive Listing Input

SEATTLE — September 21, 2018 – Bridge Interactive® today announced that the 11,000 subscribers Triangle MLS, now has the benefit of Bridge Interactive’s Listing Input. The streamlined and responsive add and edit system will ensure Triangle MLS subscribers have a modern and mobile system for listing data and photo input.

Bridge Interactive’s Listing Input technology enhances the ability of Triangle MLS subscribers to create the highest quality listings to attract consumers to their properties. Listing Input gives agents and brokers the ability to upload an unlimited number of high-resolution photos that are automatically scaled to the size permitted by the MLS. The Bridge Listing Input platform maintains subscriber compliance with Triangle MLS business rules for listing data.

Triangle MLS, Inc. is committed to be a source for reliable, integrated real estate information services for the greater Triangle area, and bringing Bridge Listing Input to its subscribers furthers this commitment.

“By delivering Bridge Interactive Listing Input to Triangle MLS, we are helping them achieve their goal to be a reliable, high-quality source for listing data,” said Turan Tekin, co-founder of Bridge Interactive. “Listing Input gives Triangle MLS subscribers the ability to create high quality listings using high resolution photos on the device of their choosing, with greater ease and in less time than before.”

“With more than 63,000 listings annually, it is very important that we offer our subscribers value through technology such as Bridge Interactive Listing Input that makes their jobs easier,” said Rachel Wiest, Vice President of Operations. “Bridge Listing Input will give our subscribers access to this robust tool that will improve listing quality while streamlining the listing add and edit process.”

Bridge Listing Input has facilitated the creation of more than 13,100 listings with more than 3,200 industry partners using the streamlined technology, saving them countless hours of inefficiently adding and editing listing data, resizing photos and sharing that data with others.

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