Village Realty: A Case Study in Fast, Robust Listing Creation

Village Realty is a technology-focused brokerage based in Atlanta with three offices. Jenna Rozenblat, who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and her team were looking for a way to streamline their process for creating listings, which was time-consuming, limiting and rooted in older technology.

Specifically, they needed a solution that would free up their agents’ time so they could focus more on clients, and something that would enable them to create the best possible listings for the best possible marketing.

“In our old way of creating listings, the tool only worked on a specific desktop machine in our office, which meant agents often had to wait until Monday to create a listing that they signed over the weekend,” Rozenblat said.

Village Realty began using Bridge’s Listing Input (Bridge Listing Input) tool last fall and immediately gained flexibility, time savings and less hassle. Since Bridge Listing Input is a web form, it can be accessed from any web browser, doesn’t require any special software to be installed on the broker side, and gives agents flexibility in terms of when or where they can get the process started.

Rich listings in a third of the time

Village Realty agents and support team now save time by not having to manually enter or re-enter a lot of information into multiple systems, and they no longer have to resize images to suit the various platforms.

“What used to take about an hour and a half to do now takes about 30 minutes,” Rozenblat said.

Bridge Listing Input enables them to upload as many high-resolution photos as they want for each listing, and it’s now easy to collaborate with other team members, listing coordinators and photographers.

The agents like not having to log into multiple systems to change a listing’s status, and they love being able to upload high-resolution photos without having to compress them or resize, Rozenblat said.

Bridge Listing Input makes the whole listing creation process more convenient and more robust.


In addition to positive reception we’re seeing with brokerages like Village Realty, the Bridge Listing Input tool is gaining more adoption in many markets each month.

More than 8,000 real estate partners in several markets across the country are now using Bridge Listing Input to create richer listings and save hours of input time.

And over 20,000 listings have been created using the tool as of the close of 2018.

If you’re curious to know when Bridge Listing Input will be available in your market, contact us or your local MLS to find out.

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