Why APIs are the way forward for real estate

Imagine you’re a developer with a fresh idea for an app that will help real estate companies harness their market data in proprietary ways that will give their agents a winning edge over competitors.

You get really excited about the idea, and do a bunch of market research to fully understand what’s already out there, who would use your product and how.

You even get some seed funding and get to work building.

Then the day comes when you’re ready to load your product with real local data to make it sing.

Bam! A wall goes up. You’d always just assumed that real estate companies were using APIs to move their data around. After all, the rest of the tech world has been using APIs for over a decade to innovate and grow.

Why are APIs not widely adopted, in 2018, by major real estate companies and MLS organizations?

It’s time to get on a mountaintop and profess the power of modern APIs. Serious innovation hinges on this widely accepted standard for moving data.

The absence of APIs has held innovation back for far too long in real estate.

And now that we have some working, RESO-certified APIs on the market, it’s time to get them plugged in so the industry and its developer partners can get to work creating big solutions.

We are in unprecedented times right now. New companies backed by millions and millions of dollars, stacked with full staffs of engineers are coming in to see how far they can push the envelope.

How can brokerages compete without the powerful plug to their valuable data that will enable them to innovate faster?

APIs aren’t just the future – they are the present. They are what makes so many amazing things possible today, like pushing a button to call a ride, watching Netflix on your big screen from your couch, or controlling your home’s thermostat from your smartphone.

The real estate industry needs modern, well-documented APIs to keep up with this reality. We need them to attract engineering talent that’s going to seriously change things for the better for every business. We need them to ultimately improve the consumer experience.

Many in the business recognize the need for better technology for brokerage companies and agents. And many understand the frustrations that quickly arise in pursuit of this. More MLSs getting on board with RESO-certified APIs is a critical first step to propelling us all forward.

Move faster, innovate more.

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