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Easily meet NAR’s One Data Source mandate and give members all allowed data in a single feed, along with the necessary rules.

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Bridge Single Feed solution is available – at no additional cost – to all Bridge platform customers

Automatically combines your feeds

  • Simply select multiple feed types when approving access
  • Automatically adds license rules for each listing
  • Make data ingestion more efficient for participants


Clearly exposes field rules

  • Each field’s display rules are codified in the API
  • Answers the question “What can I use this field for?”
  • Gives more transparency and flexibility to data licensing



How does this work?

Automatically Combine Your Feeds

Bridge allows you to select multiple feed types when approving data access, creating a single feed that respects your existing rules and field payloads.

How to automatically combine your feeds

  • You maintain your existing feed types, tagging them with either IDX, VOW, BBO, AVM or PDR
  • When approving data access, simply select the multiple feed types the recipient should receive
  • When the recipient queries the API, it will automatically respond with all the allowed data in a single feed

How data is combined

  • At query time, the API looks at which listings are allowed from each approved feed type, and combines the results
  • The listings are de-duplicated so they only return once
  • Each listing includes a new field (“FeedTypes”) indicating the source feed (ie, the rules for that listing)

Identifying the rules for each listing

  • Because each record’s underlying feed type can be easily identified, rules can be managed programmatically
  • Users are still able to limit the data to original feed types if necessary, ensuring backwards compatibility

Clearly expose field-level rules

Bridge automatically creates a new API resource that returns the appropriate rules for each field,
setting the stage for the future of real estate data distribution.

What are field-level rules?

  • Metadata that specifies the usage rules for each field within a listing
  • Currently any field level rules that exist are exposed in data licenses, not directly in the data
  • This new functionality allows developers to know what fields are suitable for each data license using the API

Why are they important?

  • Each field’s governing license can be determined programmatically, making rules more clear and reducing integration cost
  • Each field’s rules are clear when a listing is sourced from multiple feed types that have different field payloads
  • Allows more flexibility and transparency to create modern data licenses (eg LEAP)

How rules are created and exposed

  • Rules are exposed through a dynamically created resource called FieldRules.
  • The metadata is automatically derived from the field payloads of the approved feed types. 
  • If a field is part of the payload in your IDX feed type, it will have the rules “IDX”. If the field is also found in your VOW payload, the rules would be “IDX, VOW”
  • This API resource allows developers to either query: “What are the rules for this field?” or “What fields are allowed for this rule?”

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