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The Bridge API is a platform that modernizes the way you get the data you need to innovate.

Built against the latest RESO standards, our solution offers highly flexible methods to make it easier and cheaper to build your software. Gone are the days of having to spend time and money building complicated data ingestion systems – now you can concentrate on building the tools that matter to you.

The Bridge API platform gives you and your software developers a dashboard to request data access from Multiple Listing Services. Once access is approved, listing data is aggregated and made available via our Platinum Certified RESO API. Your developers are able to build software directly against our database, or replicate data into your own database.


  • No additional fees or contracts
    We do not charge service fees or force you into unnecessary contracts to get data access from our Multiple Listing Service customers. License agreements are between you and your Multiple Listing Service.
  • No need to pay developers to learn an industry-specific technology
    Because data is served using an industry standard Platinum Certified RESO Web API, you are able to work with any developer without having them spend time learning Real Estate specific technologies, like RETS.
  • Facilitate data access
    Request and manage data access from numerous Multiple Listing Services in the United States and Canada, and take advantage of additional datasets like Public Records.
  • Access data in a way that makes sense for your use-case
    Lower your operating costs by using our listing database directly, or use our streamlined technology to replicate and maintain data on your own infrastructure.
  • Support and documentation
    We have robust documentation to get your team started with the API quickly. A dedicated support team is on hand to answer questions and get your developers over the learning curve.
  • Data quality
    We map to RESO Data Dictionary standards as closely as possible with the least amount of data loss. Accurate metadata helps your developers interact with the RESO Web API as intended.
  • Manage your own data distribution
    The Bridge API platform allows you to shape and share your data with vendors.
  • All your listing data in one place
    Access all your available listing data across multiple MLSs in a single query
  • All the data you’d expect
    We make all data the MLS allows available, including all resources and native fields.


Getting Started with Bridge API

We are working with numerous Multiple Listing Services across the United States and Canada. To get started, reach out to your Multiple Listing Service and request data access using the Bridge API.

If you are a member of an Multiple Listing Service we are not currently working with, please reach out to our team at to chat about next steps.

Speak to your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) today to request data access using Bridge API.

For more information, email us at


To find out more about using the Bridge API, see our
documentation and API Explorer.


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