Request Zillow Group data access using the Bridge API platform

The Bridge API platform allows users to request access to various datasets made available by Zillow Group.

At this time we have Public Records (United States), Zillow Zestimates and Zillow Group Econ data. Once access has been granted, developers are able to integrate with our native API to get approved data.


Public Records

This API includes property records, tax assessments, and transaction records for approximately 148,000,000 properties across 3,200 counties throughout the United States.



This API will return all current Property and Rental Zestimates available on


Zillow Group Econ Data

This API provides housing market metrics otherwise made available as CSV downloads on This API is intended for organizations and individuals who want programmatic access to those metrics for their own tools and apps.


Frequently Asked Questions


Data Usage

Q: Can we  store Zillow data through the Bridge API?

A: No. You may use the API only to retrieve and display dynamic content from Zillow. You are not permitted to store information locally.


Q: Instead of using the API, can we reverse engineer a data feed or manually pull information from Zillow?

A: No. We permit third parties to retrieve data from our site only through the API. Any reverse engineering, spiders, or other techniques used to directly pull data without using the Bridge API is a violation of our Terms of Use.


Terms of Use

Q: How many calls per day may I make through the Bridge API?

A: After your application and use case are reviewed, you will be issued a maximum of 1,000 calls/day per data set.



Q: Does Zillow provide sample scripts for the coding necessary to pull the API data?

A: Bridge’s documentation page does contain select sample API calls, and also provides an API explorer tool for developers to better interface with the API once they have an access token with approved data access.



Q: Can we build an API application that has no links back to Zillow?

A: No. Bridge requires appropriate links back to Zillow as outlined in our Terms of Use.


Q: What happens if Bridge changes the API?

A: Bridge reserves the right to change the API code at any time, and it is the responsibility of each end user to comply with the most updated Terms of Use.


Administrative / Legal

Q: Will Bridge/Zillow sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to discuss a possible partnership, or can I explore other partnership opportunities with Zillow?

A: Zillow does not have the resources necessary to discuss more involved partnerships with API Network Members at this time. While you are welcome to contact us with a proposal, it is unlikely that we will be able to pursue further partnership opportunities.


Q: Will there be more APIs?

A: Bridge/Zillow plans to continue to provide innovative APIs in the future in order to improve your Web site user experience. Please check our Web site regularly for more information.



Q: The terms say that I cannot send out a press release without Zillow approval. Can I post to a blog without Zillow approval?

A: Yes. You may post to a blog to publicize your launch.


Q: Can I market or advertise, either on or off of my site, the integration of Zillow tools on my site?

A: Yes. You may market or advertise the Zillow API integration as long as you adhere to our Terms of Use.



Q: Is registration for Zillow datasets open to the public?

A: Yes. Once we are able to review your application, we will be in contact to verify if your use case meets our Terms of Use.

Please reach out to request Zillow Group data access using Bridge API.

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