A safe, transparent platform for creating efficient real estate software

The BridgeAPI (formerly Retsly) works with industry partners to provide a consistent API that serves the normalized data you need to build real estate products at scale.


At Bridge, we know how difficult it can be to ingest, map and maintain real estate data.

We designed the BridgeAPI from the ground up to handle all of this for you, so you can concentrate on building great experiences for your users.


Treat our database as your own

Because we normalize the data to industry standards you can easily scale into new markets without any additional overhead.

Our highly available API uses top-tier cloud infrastructure that scales to meet the demands of your traffic. That means you can treat our database as your own, without the hassle and costs.

We’ve built out the developer-centric tooling needed to get set up quickly: SDKs, agent authentication via our OAuth Single Sign-On, and our Push API to watch for changes in new data. And our API explorer allows you to work with listing data and build queries before you’ve written a single line of code.

The API is also designed to facilitate data access by standardizing the license application process. While you’re waiting for board approvals, you can fully integrate with both static and dynamic test data sets to build out demos and POCs.


How to get access

The BridgeAPI is live in the US and Canada, although through invite-only. Please contact us about access, pricing and data availability:


  • Experience high-performance API.
  • Easily integrate with multiple MLSs.
  • Quickly scale your technology into new markets.
  • Provide integrated agent authentication.
  • No need to maintain a listings database.
  • No need to learn industry-specific programming methods.
  • Support growth-friendly cost structure.

Move faster, innovate more.

Contact us to set up a demo and see how Bridge can take you where you want to go.