Access listing data with traditional real estate technologies


RETS is the most widely adopted platform currently used for distributing and accessing real estate listing data, and currently the only compliant transaction standard for adding/editing listings into a listing database.

Bridge has specialized in RETS for years.

RETS Data Dictionary

In an effort to further improve on the way the industry defines and relates information about real property, all MLSs, have been mandated by NAR to adhere to a common way of referring to the most common data fields and their lookup, or enumeration, values.

Bridge is Data Dictionary compliant, and permits authorized access to all Data Dictionary and native MLS fields in a single query.


In an effort to widen the scope of developers able to work with Real Estate Data, NAR mandated MLSs to offer the WEB API, in addition to RETS which is proprietary to the Real Estate Industry.

Bridge is Web API compliant, and permits authorized access to all MLS fields in a single API call.

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