Stress-free data licensing & billing

Bridge Agreement Management takes the manual work and paper mess out of managing MLS data licenses and billing agreements.


For MLSs, Bridge Agreement Management is a fully customizable software solution that allows you to create and control your own set of data licensing and billing agreements using your rules, your language, and your terms for brokers, agents and vendors.

You create the wording, licensing and billing terms, and give others access to join in an easy, replicable process that manages these agreements from there.

For brokers and agents, Agreement Management makes the billing and license process easier so they can begin working with vendors faster. This means new products and features can also come to market faster, so the industry never has to wait to innovate.


Customization & control

Bridge Agreement Management eliminates the hassle and complexities of managing MLS data licensing and billing, while giving the MLS full control every step of the way.

  • Manage all agreements with vendors, brokers and agents from one dashboard – including IDX, VOW, broker back-office, third-party vendors, and more
  • Create customizable agreements & billing plans
  • Easy opt-in for brokers & agents
  • Electronically invoice data recipients & process payments


How it works

Brokers and agents who need access to MLS data are directed to a registration page where they can opt into a licensing agreement created and customized by their MLS.

Bridge Agreement Management then stores all the signed agreements, sets the data feeds in motion and handles billing automatically.

The MLS gets full access to all agreements in one dashboard where they can be viewed and edited anytime.

Brokers, agents and vendors get an automated, fast process controlled by the MLS.


An experienced partner who gets it

For years, Bridge has worked with MLSs and has deep expertise in real estate industry standards, including RETS, Data Dictionary and RESO Web API, that are imperative to managing real estate data feeds with full integrity.

As our partner, you get the benefit of a dedicated, modern development team that fully understands the nuances and importance of MLS data, and is constantly looking to improve solutions that help you operate better.

Move faster, innovate more.

Contact us to set up a demo and see how Bridge can take you where you want to go.