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The BridgeAPI works with existing infrastructure to provide a flexible, secure way to manage and grant access to data.

It has all the functionality of RETS, which developers are used to, but wrapped in a well-documented, modern API that’s easy to work with and can take you into the future.

That means MLSs, brokers and their developers have more control and fewer limitations with their data.

How BridgeAPI helps you move faster:

  • Control data feeds with the same level of granularity they are accustomed to with traditional RETS feeds
  • Easily customize the way they approve data access
  • Have unlimited Field Payloads, including custom/native fields beyond RESO Data Dictionary
  • See exactly what data has been mapped for API consumption
  • Combine any number of field conditions to specify which records the user has access to
  • Suppress any field values, based on condition (e.g., if status is pending, hide these fields)
  • Customize any restrictions on an application by application basis
  • Give end users transparency into how their data access has been configured, so they know what data they can access
  • Control whether an end user is only allowed to query data on the fly, or perform complete dataset replication
  • + more

Move faster, innovate more.

Contact us to set up a demo and see how Bridge can take you where you want to go.