Never wait to innovate.

Bridge removes barriers that stand between you, your data and a more innovative future.


Create better listings with less effort

Bridge Listing Input uses clean design, machine learning and your business rules to make it easier for your agents to create listings and get them into your systems – with absolutely no limits on photos, videos and file sizes.


Modernized and standardized access to your data

Reduce the costs of accessing, normalizing and maintaining listing data. The Bridge API platform allows you and your technology partners to concentrate on building the tools you need, not re-inventing the wheel for data management. 


Solutions for your business

Listing input

A web application that makes creating listings easier than ever before – with custom fields and absolutely no limits on your photos.

Bridge API

A modern, RESO compliant platform that makes it easier and cheaper for your developers to build the software you need.

Bridge products help brokers:
  • Market properties for today’s consumer with unlimited high-res photos
  • Eliminate dual entry of listings into multiple MLSs or back-office systems
  • Collaborate more easily with developers
  • Do more with their data

Move faster, innovate more.

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