Serious content management for large and small MLS providers

With increasing demands for listing-data distribution, broker back-office software, Internet data exchange (IDX) and regionalization, content management is fast becoming one of the most difficult tasks of an MLS.


Bridge’s filtering and reporting features put the control of listing distribution into the hands of the MLS administrators.


Define which fields, classes, statuses and data types to include in your data-sharing initiative, then monitor in real time how much and how often the listing content is accessed.


Define the data users can access

By using familiar fields and values in the MLS system, administrators can construct very simple or complex restrictions. For example:


  • Apply limits to a single user or a whole group of users (e.g. broker, user type, software type).
  • Filter hidden fields from results and restrict the records returned.
  • Set up standard profiles for easy reuse (e.g. IDX Profile).
  • Limit the number of records returned per user or globally.
  • Throttle the frequency a user hits the server (e.g. 5 times/minute).
  • React to misuse in real time.

Move faster, innovate more.

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