Central Jersey MLS Installs Bridge for Full Data Creation and Management

We’re thrilled to announce Central Jersey MLS is now fully on board with Bridge for best-in-class listing creation, agreement management and data distribution. This also means the MLS now meets the highest levels of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary and Web API standards put in place to push data standards forward and improve quality, accuracy and speed for the entire industry.

Modern, accurate data distribution via RETS and API

Central Jersey MLS is a broker-owned MLS in Central New Jersey that serves about 7,000 members. While they weren’t beholden to the National Association of Realtors’ mandate to implement RESO standards, leadership was looking for an API solution that would enable fast, modern and accurate data distribution and would be easy to implement.

They also wanted something that would be easy to use, simple to understand, and give them full control over their data feeds.

Frank Glaush, Administrative Consultant with Central Jersey MLS, who drove the technology partnership, said they initially started talks with Bridge because they wanted to implement Bridge Listing Input for listing creation. But they quickly realized Bridge offered a whole product package for data distribution and agreement management.

“Bridge provided a whole product package that fit those bills,” said Glaush. “The technology is superior, and that’s reflected in the user interface.”

The MLS is now using Bridge’s solutions for listing input, agreement management and both API and RETS feeds, making it a seamless experience for MLS administrative staff and vendors.

Full data control in a user-friendly interface

Glaush mentioned the importance of implementing a platform that would be easy for his non-technical staff to learn and use. “The dashboards (inside Bridge) make it easy to log on and figure things out,” he said.

In addition to a friendly interface, another key benefit of using Bridge is the level of control the MLS now has over its data.

“Bridge gives us better control over our data,” Glaush said. “We know exactly what is being used by whom and can track it all the way down to a single piece of data.”

Along with tracking, they can now customize and control access to everything in their data feeds, including who gets which data fields and how often.

“There’s a lot of flexibility with Bridge that doesn’t exist in other systems,” Glaush said.

A forward-thinking partner

The fact that Bridge is owned by Zillow can be a difficult hurdle for some MLSs to jump with members. But that was never an issue with Central Jersey MLS.

“We look at Bridge and Zillow Group as integral partners in what we’re doing with our MLS,” Glaush said. “The relationship and the trust were built on the expertise and professionalism of the people we’ve been working with at Bridge.”

In terms of concerns over the relationship and access to data, Glaush said there are no concerns. “Our Bridge agreement is totally separate from Zillow. It gives us total control over our data feeds, and in fact, we feed Zillow their data via Bridge under full control by us.”

“We actually have more control over those feeds now with Bridge than we had before,” he added.

“Bridge is forward-thinking and has made the whole process simple and efficient,” he said.


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