Lookup metadata changes coming soon

We’re notifying all Bridge API users in advance of an important change to the API metadata. A UAT environment is available now and data consumers are strongly encouraged to test against it to prepare.

What’s changing?

All fields reported as “Enums” in the current OData metadata will instead be reported as “Strings”. The enum values for these fields can be found in the Lookups resource. This change will support the inclusion of all enum values found in our system, making our data and metadata more consistent. Users of the vRETS interface may notice that fetching metadata will take longer due to the larger volume of enums.


This change improves the fidelity of our metadata, allowing for better interoperability and data integrity.


This change will be released in production on August 1, 2023.

There is also a UAT environment with the new format available now, see below.

How can I prepare?

Please test against https://uat.bridgedataoutput.com/api/v2/ to confirm that your ingestion processes are compatible with the new metadata format before we switch over in production on August 1st. vRETS users in particular are strongly encouraged to confirm compatibility.

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