Make innovation possible.

Your database. Your processes. Your rules. Only better.

Bridge can turbocharge your existing MLS system, right now, by making it easier for your customers to input listings and easier for you to manage and grant access to them, all within your existing rules.

We’ve worked closely with MLSs like yours to create solutions to problems unique to your business and that don’t require you to tear down your existing technology house.


How we work with MLSs

Listing Input

Give your members a single-point-of-entry solution and a simple tool for creating better listings with Bridge Listing Input.


Combines the full features and functionality of RETS with a well documented, modern API so you enable faster innovation for your members.

Agreement Management

Administer billing and account management for data recipients with Bridge Agreement Management.

Data Management

Get more control and troubleshoot problems faster with BridgeRETS, our tool for data filtering, monitoring and management.

Bridge products help MLSs:
  • More easily manage and grant access to data
  • Stay compliant with RESO, RETS, Data Dictionary and Web API standards
  • Reduce database duplication
  • Maximize recurring non-dues revenue streams

Move faster, innovate more.

Contact us to set up a demo and see how Bridge can take you where you want to go.