New Zestimate API Available

Great news!

We heard your feedback about the current version of the Zestimates API and have made significant improvements to the experience.

We’d like to invite you to be among the first to try the new version and have already pre-approved your application on the Bridge platform for access.

The updated Zestimates API now includes:

  • Zestimate and Rental Zestimate values that update at a similar frequency as the values seen on
  • All Zestimates are available via the API
  • Individual address components (city, street, etc) in the payload allow for more granular address queries
  • Flattened API payload (e.g. Rental Zestimates are no longer in their own object)
  • High and Low Zestimate values are now expressed as percentages
  • Historical values are available using the field “minus30”
  • Querying the API using the RESO Web API syntax

If you are querying by Address or ZPID, and want to start using the new API immediately, it’s easy. You only need to change the API URL.

The new URL is

Note that while the current version of the API is now deprecated, it will remain available until January 2022.

We encourage you to update your integration before those dates.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at