Enabling Combined MLS Data Feeds

NAR mandated that MLSs be able to provide all licensed data for multi-participant feeds (e.g., IDX, VOW, BBO) to their members in a single feed, instead of separate feeds for each.

To assist MLSs in fulfilling this mandate, Bridge now allows MLSs to provision access to multiple feed types within a single data approval. This means that, instead of ingesting separate IDX, VOW, BBO, and other feeds from a single MLS, data recipients may now pull just one feed, and use new metadata to determine appropriate licensing at the record and field level.

To that end, we will be adding two additional data points to all existing MLS feeds.  

FeedTypes Field:

A new field will be added to each record returned by the API: “FeedTypes”. This is an array that will indicate whether the record is sourced from a IDX, VOW, BBO, AVM, and/or PDAP feed type. 

For example, if a listing is in the combined feed that is originally in a “VOW” feed, then FeedTypes would return [‘VOW’]. If the listing is also part of the IDX feed, the new field would return [“IDX”, “VOW”].

Note this field will appear in all resources of all MLS datasets, regardless of whether the MLS has provisioned a combined feed. If the MLS has not yet set metadata values, the field will be an empty array.

FieldRules Resource:

A new resource named FieldRules will be available on all MLS datasets. Hitting this endpoint will allow you to answer the questions: which license type determines the rules for this field, and which fields are part of a specific license type. Data recipients will only see the license types for which they have been approved.

Combined feeds are set upon request and at the MLS’s discretion.

We are expecting this update to be available after the 16th of August, at which time additional documentation will be provided.

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