Merging Your Bridge Accounts

Now that Bridge API and Bridge Agreement Management have integrated into one platform, you may wish to merge your BAM and API accounts into a single account. 

Merging accounts is optional but highly encouraged: By merging accounts, you will be able to use the new Bridge platform to manage all of your data access and license agreements in a single streamlined interface. 

If your existing BAM and API accounts used the same username and password, your login will now default to the API account. You’ll need to merge those accounts together before you’re able to access agreements from the BAM account. 

By merging Bridge accounts, you will combine all the applications, users, agreements and payment profiles into a single account. You will need the platform credentials for the account(s) you wish to merge. Please note that account merges cannot be undone.

How to merge your Bridge accounts

  1. Log into Bridge:
  2. In the upper right corner, click your name to open the settings menu. Click User & Account Settings
  1. Click Account Settings, then Merge Account. Enter the credentials for your other Bridge account. 
  1. Click Find Account. A confirmation screen will appear to verify the details of the accounts you are merging. Please review carefully; account merges CANNOT be undone. 
  1. To complete the merger, click Confirm Merge. A confirmation banner will briefly appear to confirm that the account merge was successful. 

For more information on merging Bridge accounts, please refer to our platform documentation here:

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